Top 3 Internet Marketing Strategies Reviewed

No matter if you are looking for an internet marketing Sydney, or any other location, service provider, simply choose one of the top 3 strategies listed below to get the best results from your investment.

Marketing a business on the internet opens up a world of possibilities. For starters the internet is always available and as systems can be set up to run autonomously. This gives rise to a website that can act like a salesmen working for your business 24/7. Better yet a website can interact with 5,10 or even 100+ people at the same time. What salesmen can work in this fashion? Not even your best!

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Long Term strategy
  • Improves Organic rankings in search engines
  • Traffic delivered to website is not on a cost per visitor basis
  • Overtime a very high ROI is achievable


  • Takes months to produce significant results, sometimes even years in very competitive industries
  • Requires investment to be put in with little return until ranking performance improves
  • Cannot turn campaign off if business starts picking up too much
  • Lots of dodgy SEO service providers whose strategies can get your website penalised

Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Fastest possible way to generate new business
  • Can turn campaign on and off like a tap
  • Various advertising platforms to choose from depending on industry and target market. Eg. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Perfect supplement of traffic while waiting for your SEO campaign to take effect


  • No investment from ad spend. Once you stop paying for leads, no more are generated, unlike SEO.
  • Some advertisers cost more than others. Google Adwords for instance charges some industries as high at $50 for a single click.
  • If you don't have a large advertising budget you may be left behind in the competition.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Allows you to capitalise on your existing site traffic.
  • Does not require any additional advertising spend.
  • Increase profit from existing website traffic


  • Need a substantial amount of traffic already coming to your website to effectively run an optimisation campaign.
  • If poor decisions are made you could lose sales momentarily while testing

This short and sweet review on the top 3 internet marketing strategies should help you if you are in the market of selling goods and services online. As you can see you can use these three strategies in partnership or individually.