The Best Mobile Phone on the Market

Well like some think and say - Bigger is better. Right? Well not always. Gone are the days of the small phones. When you used to be cool if you had such a small phone that you could hardly use the keypad to type a text or make a call. Remember the days of the good old Nokia's. The 8210 was a tiny little thing that showcased just how small technology can really be.

Or what about the old faithful. The Nokia 5110. I literally say people using them as weapons, throwing them around the classroom. Those things would not break.

But don't try that with a phone of today. Heck did you know the iPhone 6 has a flex feature? Well not really but if you want to break your phone just try to flex it. It will bend. But you will never be able to get it back to its original condition. Not a desirable feature I must say.

So what is the best mobile phone on the market? Well with so many phones on the market there is literally something for everyone. If you like the old classics, go for it. People are still rocking them out. Or if you want to have the latest piece of technology just be willing to fork out the big bucks to pay for it. You could of course just always for for last years model and pay about 50-75% of the brand new cost.

For even more savings go for a refurbished model. These have been looked over with a fine tooth comb and pass QA tests so you can be sure that they are working and normally have a warranty of 30 days or more.

The best mobile phone for you is out there, but it will be hard to find it written in a one page report. Get out to your local phone dealer and pick them up, try them out and find something that you are happy with.

Good luck and happy mobile hunting.